Hermitcraft new Season

A new season has been released for the popular Minecraft Hermitcraft server. This is the eighth season since the series’ inception in 2012. Part 1 was closer than ever thanks to the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs. The seven-year-old season was over, and the hermits said goodbye. All members decided to embark on a new adventure … Read more

Minecraft 1.17

Players may want to play Minecraft with other players. Mojang offers a paid service called Minecraft realms that allows players to play with others in the same world. Players can set up their own Minecraft server if they don’t wish to pay for it or prefer more control. Although this is quite simple, it does … Read more

Offline TV server

OfflineTV’s Minecraft server was launched in the past with the help of some of the most prominent streamers on Twitch or YouTube. They’re going to do it again and it will be better and bigger than ever. OfflineTV is a match made in Heaven. This popular group of content creators loves to rally the troops … Read more

Parkour servers

Minecraft parkour requires agility and precision to complete different obstacle courses. Minecraft parkour is an athletic activity that involves jumping, running and dodging to get you from Point A to Point B quickly. This activity can be dangerous in real life and requires extreme physical fitness to perform at the highest level. Because Minecraft parkour … Read more