How to get tripwire hooks in Minecraft

Players can trick Minecraft into creating duplicates of their items by using duping. There are many items that can be duped in Minecraft. Tripwire hook is one of these items. Although tripwire hooks may not be a desirable item to use, this item is still useful in Minecraft. Tripwire hooks can be used to create traps and other … Read more

Minecraft beginner farms

You can expect a Minecraft farm to produce a decent amount of items if it is well-designed and efficient. You can create a farm to kill zombified porclins, or you can design a farm for any item in Minecraft. Not all farms are as simple to create. Some require items that beginners might not be familiar … Read more

Types of zombies in Minecraft

While Minecraft can be a relaxing game for most people, there are some scary elements to it. There are many zombies in Minecraft that have special abilities and can cause serious damage to players. There are eight types of zombies that can be spawned in Minecraft.┬áSome can be naturally spawned while others can transform into one … Read more

Farming dripleaves for beginners

Dripleaves are a new product from the Minecraft1.17 Caves & Cliffs updates. You can place a small dripleaf on top of clay or moss blocks. You can place them on dirt, coarse dirt and grass blocks. They can be used for many purposes and players love to collect them all. A farm is necessary to accomplish this for … Read more

tips for surviving minecraft hardcore

Minecraft’s survival mode, which allows players to respawn after death, isn’t too difficult. There is a mode in Minecraft that if a player ever dies, it will close the game for the duration of the playthrough. This is Minecraft’s hardcore mode. Minecraft Hardcore requires players to survive on the most difficult difficulty level, with the additional risk … Read more

Easy netherite farm in Minecraft

Netherite is now the most powerful resource in Minecraft. There are four types of Minecraft: iron, gold and diamond. Netherite is the strongest, having been introduced in the 1.16 update. It is not easy to find Netherite, but it is very useful. Netherite can be used to upgrade armor or tools made of diamond, but diamond is … Read more

Loyalty III in minecraft

There are approximately 40 enchantments in Minecraft. Most of them have multiple levels. Unbreaking and Efficiency are both self-explanatory, meaning they do what their names suggest. Some, like Loyalty or Smite, are more difficult to understand. Because of its limited availability, loyalty is one of the more rare enchantments.┬áThis is how it works and how you can … Read more

Hermitcraft new Season

A new season has been released for the popular Minecraft Hermitcraft server. This is the eighth season since the series’ inception in 2012. Part 1 was closer than ever thanks to the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs. The seven-year-old season was over, and the hermits said goodbye. All members decided to embark on a new adventure … Read more

Minecraft 1.17

Players may want to play Minecraft with other players. Mojang offers a paid service called Minecraft realms that allows players to play with others in the same world. Players can set up their own Minecraft server if they don’t wish to pay for it or prefer more control. Although this is quite simple, it does … Read more

Offline TV server

OfflineTV’s Minecraft server was launched in the past with the help of some of the most prominent streamers on Twitch or YouTube. They’re going to do it again and it will be better and bigger than ever. OfflineTV is a match made in Heaven. This popular group of content creators loves to rally the troops … Read more