How to get tripwire hooks in Minecraft

December 25, 2022

How to get tripwire hooks in Minecraft

Players can trick Minecraft into creating duplicates of their items by using duping. There are many items that can be duped in Minecraft. Tripwire hook is one of these items.

Although tripwire hooks may not be a desirable item to use, this item is still useful in Minecraft. Tripwire hooks can be used to create traps and other machines that can be used as a base defense. These hooks can be traded with villager players.

You want to duplicate tripwire hooks but aren't sure where to begin? This guide will show you how to duplicate tripwire hooks in Minecraft.

How to duplicate tripwire hooks in Minecraft

Trapdoor glitch

This duping technique is best used in single-player Minecraft Java Edition worlds. It's simple and straightforward, so players don't need much material. They will only need:

This dupe can be constructed by players placing trapdoors with tripwire loops on each side. Players can create tripwire hooks by activating and placing a string between the hooks.

Tripwire hook dupe machine

A machine designed by Minecraft players automates the tripwire hook tricking process. This machine is basically a more complex version of the trapdoor glitch. The trapdoors are reset automatically, and the tripwire hooks are duplicated continuously. These items are needed by Minecraft players who want to build this dupe-machine.

This dupe machine is compatible with Java Edition single-player and multiplayer worlds, but will not work on multiplayer servers that are running Paper.

Tripwire hooks can be used for trades and traps in Minecraft. There are many ways for players to duplicate this item.