Loyalty III in minecraft

December 14, 2022

Loyalty III in minecraft

There are approximately 40 enchantments in Minecraft. Most of them have multiple levels. Unbreaking and Efficiency are both self-explanatory, meaning they do what their names suggest. Some, like Loyalty or Smite, are more difficult to understand.

Because of its limited availability, loyalty is one of the more rare enchantments. This is how it works and how you can get it.

Loyalty can be an enchantment that causes a thrown object to return to its owner's hands. In this instance, the level of enchantment III causes the item's return to you faster. The maximum level of enchantment, III, means that the item returns to the player as fast as possible.

It can only be used on throwable objects, so it's limited to tridents. Tridents are the only weapon that can be thrown into-game. You can throw other items like fire charges or snowballs, but they can't be enchanted.

Loyalty can be useful for players who prefer attacking from afar. Loyalty can be used to prevent mobs from getting close enough to cause serious damage. Mobs can be targeted by players from faraway to ensure they are killed before they have the chance to strike back.

This enchantment is different from Minecraft Bedrock to Java Edition. A Loyalty-enchanted, Loyalty-enchanted Trident will be destroyed in Java Edition. It will return to Bedrock after travelling 15 blocks.

Loyalty cannot be combined with Riptide. Riptide is a way for a player to fly on the thrown trinket if they are wet. This is in contrast to Loyalty. Channeling summons lightning to your trident when there is a thunderstorm.