Parkour servers

November 24, 2022

Parkour servers

Minecraft parkour requires agility and precision to complete different obstacle courses.

Minecraft parkour is an athletic activity that involves jumping, running and dodging to get you from Point A to Point B quickly.

This activity can be dangerous in real life and requires extreme physical fitness to perform at the highest level.

Because Minecraft parkour removes the risk of injury, it focuses more on motor skills and decision-making. This article will be covering some of the best Minecraft servers that parkour enthusiasts should check out for 2020.

Top 5 Minecraft servers that allow parkour in 2020


ManaCube, a Minecraft parkour server, offers courses for players of all levels. Surprisingly, over 1000 parkour maps are available to be completed by ManaCube members. These maps were created by Minecraft parkour enthusiasts for Minecraft parkour lovers.

The server boasts four Champion Maps, which are reserved for elite parkourists. These maps include the Haunted House, Winter Wonderland and Aquatic Adventure. Each map takes players between 20-40 minutes on average.



JumpCraft is one of the largest public parkour Minecraft servers available to players. There are over 300+ courses available for players to try their skills. It can take many hours to complete all of them. This server has a unique progression system.

In-game currency is what players earn, which they can use to unlock more difficult parkour courses. As they unlock more maps and progress, this gives players a sense of accomplishment.


Renatus Network

This server is great for beginners in Minecraft parkour who want to learn more. The server features the course Rocky, which is a great place to train and practice parkour skills.

After players have mastered the various types of movement and jumps, they can take on more challenging courses. There are courses ranging in difficulty from extremely easy to moderate to difficult. This server offers challenging courses for players to practice until they are ready for the most difficult courses with cash prizes.



This server is ideal for speedrunning players, who want to complete parkour courses as quickly as possible. This server has a smaller selection of parkour courses than other servers. However, players can focus on a single set level to improve their skills and get the best results. A player can improve their movement skills by practicing with a consistent method.

You can learn how fast any player can complete these courses if they put in enough practice and work.



Mineverse hosts 24 parkour courses. These courses are difficult and provide great benchmarks to help players assess their abilities in Minecraft parkour.

This video shows the steps taken by someone to complete the course. Anyone can refer to this video if they have any difficulties or get stuck.