Types of zombies in Minecraft

November 12, 2022

Types of zombies in Minecraft

While Minecraft can be a relaxing game for most people, there are some scary elements to it. There are many zombies in Minecraft that have special abilities and can cause serious damage to players.

There are eight types of zombies that can be spawned in Minecraft. Some can be naturally spawned while others can transform into one and can be treated back to their normal state.

5) Zoglins

Zoglins aren't traditional zombie mobs but they are among the most powerful zombies in this game. These are Hoglins who have entered the Overworld and End realm. These Hoglins can run and hit players, resulting in a loss of 2.5 to 6 hearts, depending on the game difficulty.

4) Husks

Husks can be found in Minecraft's desert biomes. These are different types of zombies that aren't affected by sunlight and are unique in their color. They cause the hunger effect to last for a few seconds when they attack.

3) Drowsed

Drowned are underwater zombies. If they are submerged in water for long periods of time, normal zombies can be transformed into Drowned. Because they are dangerous, players must keep an eye on them and their breath to avoid drowning. A trident can be used to spawn zombies that attack from a distance.

2) Baby Zombie

Baby zombies are smaller, faster versions of regular zombies. They can be annoying and very difficult to manage. They are much more difficult to hit because their hitboxes can be smaller. They can also run faster than an adult zombie. They can also attack players with the same powers as regular zombies, making them very difficult to defeat.

1) Zombie Pigman

Zombie Pigman is the most popular mob in Nether realm. These mobs are neutral and will not cause any trouble until the player attacks one. The zombie pigmen will chase down the player and attack them if they are attacked.